soft series

A collection of 3D environments created for VRChat, featuring soft feminine shapes and tones in comforting futuristic atmospheres by artist Sam Myers & designer Camille Sanford.


The ultimate goal for this project is to create comfy relaxing places for players to enjoy, and the series remains a passion project and collaborative experiment since inception.These worlds have garnered rapid success in VRChat, and have all been featured in VRChat's Top 10 "Hot" category, representing the most popular and successful worlds on the platform at the time. Accumulating over 2 million visits on all worlds since the initial release of "Soft Space" in June, the newest among the Soft Series lineup are still accumulating over 1k visitors daily and remain consistently in the Top 10.


We offer several of the Soft Series worlds for sale via Gumroad and Booth. You can also support us for fun VRChat based perks and behind the scenes info on Patreon.

Camille sanford


videogames for work and for fun, graphic design, reading (slowly), comfy interior design (IRL and VR), organizing and streamlining everything, all things cute, soft cozy vibes, neutral x pastel palettes, insta-locking support

y2k collab